• Jaimerson Escue

Future of Photography in Myrtle Beach

You're probably asking what the heck is the future of photography in Myrtle Beach. No, it's not my photography side business (wish it was).. It's a place I came across at the Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach, called Selfiewrld.


This photo is just one of 20 (I think) mini studio setups they have available. where they setup a remote trigger to your phone and you can go booth to booth taking as many photos as you like for only 20.00 per person.

Sessions are 60 minutes but that is plenty of time to take a lot of photos at every station, and probably more than you'll ever need.

What does this mean for Photographers

For those of us that don’t have a luxury of owning a studio or have access to multiple props and setups. This can become your new studio rental for clients that need something fun and new.

I can see using this once with a clients but don't see repeat business for this model on a professional level unless ever so often scenes are setup differently.

It's definitely worth a look and a quick way to get some awesome photos with little effort.

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